Uni of Bath

Screen Machine

Good film is about disrupting your everyday experience and taking you to somewhere that transcends reality. A group project, created by myself, two other Architecture students and a Civil Engineer student, this design for a film institute does the same, taking you out of reality and into an entirely new world.

The building’s form is composed of a series of intersected shapes, each one representing one of the five stages of narrative proposed by philosopher Tzvetan Todorov - the Equilibrium, the Disruption, the Recognition, the Endeavour, and the New Equilibrium. Simultaneously, the sections of the building also correspond to a programmatic progression of film production, from inspiration to creation to presentation – transitioning from exhibition spaces to recording and editing suites, to the cinema screens themselves.

Whilst working as part of a strong and focused team, the design allowed for one of my most successful explorations into contextual and functional form, building upon what I’d learnt from my previous work, and strengthening that with the knowledge and understanding of others with alternative strengths and goals.