Robot Wars

In 2013, Robot Wars - a classic icon of British TV, and something that many of my generation grew up watching - returned with a brand new UK live tour! Thanks to some useful connections, I was personally approached to design and build the website for the brand’s relaunch. I created what’s probably my most graphically intensive piece of design work, and then built the final site.

Since then, the Robot Wars brand was re-licensed by the BBC, and to differentiate itself the touring show was re-branded as Extreme Robots, but aside from a new logo and a few small updates, the site remains unchanged.

I aimed to visually recreate the hard, metallic bite that you might associate with Robot Wars, whilst giving it a more contemporary digital feel with bright blue typography and glowing icons. Varying layouts across all the key pages ensure every page feels fresh and unique, whilst delivering a consistent overall feel.

The company was keen for the site to tie in with their social networks, so a Facebook feed is presented on the home page to keep users up-to-date with all the latest news, whilst the image galleries are driven by Robot Wars’ Facebook and YouTube accounts.