Orca Notes

A fully-fledged desktop notes app, this personal project was a chance to really get into the nitty-gritty of React and Electron.

I wanted this note-taking app to really feel like it belonged as a desktop app, so worked hard to integrate all the features you;d expect of a desktop app - drag and drop functionality, resizable columns, and an interface that felt at home on both Mac and Windows.

I then used Electron to package the app, and used this to integrate native menus, right-click options, and working auto-updates. I even integrated a back end database using PouchDB, with the intention of getting note syncing working, although haven’t yet got around to integrating the remote syncing - there’s a lot to figure out.

Hopefully one day I will find the time to flesh this out a little more - primarily getting it all working on mobile, and finishing the server-side syncing capability.

I completed all design, UX and development of this personal project.