Uni of Bath

Linking the Lands

In my third year studying architecture, we were set a group project to connect two starkly different sites on opposite banks of the Severn Estuary: Penarth and Brean Down. Penarth is a classic welsh seaside town, whilst Brean Down, just along the coast from Weston-Super-Mare, is a national trust site, rich in wildlife and archaeological history. As a group, we devised a journey from Penarth to Brean Down, travelling by boat and then exploring the area on foot. The key feature of the design is a 300m long cliffside walkway, which offers a breathtaking and ever-evolving journey to previously inaccessible areas.

For me, the project was an exploration of journey and form, where the design was fully influenced and characterised by the views on offer and the various natural elements of the unique and intriguing site.