LeapStart 3D

I don’t just do web stuff...

To promote the new LeapStart 3D interactive learning device by LeapFrog, Kerve were asked to come up with a way to show off the device’s capabilities and expand these out into a wider environment. We then put the installation on display at KidZania London, an incredible indoor city for kids.

We wanted to highlight the new 3D element of the devices with some full size 3D screens utilising the traditional "Pepper’s Ghost" illusion, and to allow passers-by to interact with these just like they would with the LeapStart itself.

So I designed a nice big kid-friendly table with a few 3D screens integrated into it, as well as room to incorporate our own bespoke interactive electronics, and space for a few LeapStart devices for people to play with - all presented as a single organic structure surrounded by comfy bean bags for the kids to sit on.

I designed and modelled the installation in 3D using SketchUp, and had to make sure that the structure would fit in the available space, was the right size for the target age group, and was easy to manufacture using simple geometry.

The outcome was hugely popular with the kids, their parents, and the clients too!