IceBox CMS

IceBox is my own PHP / MySQL content management system (CMS), and it’s what I used to manage many of my freelance websites.

Why? Partially the learning experience. Partially because I’ve never been a huge fan of any of the popular CMS systems available, which tend to be ugly, bloated, and completely unintuitive to any non-techy users (i.e. most website clients).

Ultimately, what I wanted was something lightweight, quick and easy for me to integrate into my websites, and as simple and intuitive as possible for clients to use. From this desire, IceBox was born.

I built the first working version way back in 2011. Since then it grew in scope, gaining new features as and when required. A couple of redesigns and rewrites later, and it became a fully-fledged CMS capable of powering complex websites, blogs, and online stores, making it one of my biggest yet most understated development achievements.