Uni of Bath

Garden Cities

My final part 1 Architecture degree project sought to celebrate the industrial history of Bath, providing both an industrial museum and a gallery space for industry-inspired art & sculpture. The ultimate culmination of all my work to date, the Bath Industrial Gallery building draws on aspects of all of my previous design projects, strengthening and enhancing my own depth and understanding of every aspect of design.

The building presents a timeline journey through history, materialising as a walkway progression through the refurbished factory of world famous crane-makers Stothert & Pitt. The existing building is intersected with dramatic new building forms, which seek to emphasise the experiences inside, as well as addressing both the wider city and the site’s connection back to nature. The project pulls together all my previous explorations of form, function, narrative and elegance into one strong, coherent design piece that is truly reflective of Bath and its industrial heritage.