Barclaycard Pay@Pump

Pay@Pump is (possibly) the world’s first self-service contactless beer pump, built to promote BarclayCard’s contactless technology. The elegant prototype unit was designed by long-term friends of Kerve, SplinterWorks, and assembled by hand at Kerve HQ.

The 3D printed, chrome plated unit features a contactless payment reader in the base and an interactive touch screen for ordering, and includes a series of illuminated components to guide the user easily through the payment process.

The project required an in-depth understanding of the workings of a traditional beer pump, some complex electronics to control everything, and the know-how to integrate it all together.

I completed all front end development on the touch screen, also helping to devise the user journey, and created a web socket system for instant communication between all the required elements. On top of that, I also helped to plan and co-ordinate assembly of the final working prototype.

The pump isn’t in pubs just yet, but it’s an amazing concept that received widespread press coverage when it was unveiled to the world, potentially paving the way for the future of beer consumption in bars and clubs around the world.