Ballantine’s True Music Hour

Ballantine’s Whisky wanted a way to put club-goers in control of the music at their branded bar and nightclub events, so Kerve built them the True Music Hour website. Users can find the event they’re at, search Spotify’s music catalog and submit tracks to the DJ.

As part of the complete experience, tracks chosen by the DJ to play are displayed on a big screen, and suers will be notified when their tracks are playing in order to go up and have their photos taken with the DJ. Users also get the opportunity to win free prizes on the night.

The system has been designed for use at multiple events around the world. This meant a trip out to Sofia, Bulgaria, for 2 nights testing in live club environments. Everything ran smoothly, meaning that the branded club nights will slowly begin to roll out around Europe over the coming months, and potentially even further afield.

I completed all front end development on the website and the on-site big screens, including Spotify integration.